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December 22, 2008
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Anonymous visitor

Since the last post we have

Since the last post we have basically been beach bums - mainly here at Tucepi but we did vist Makarska beach on Sunday - hard to find a spot to lie down!!! A beautiful vista though with the water and mountains right in front of you. For our last day - Monday - we decided to take a cruise.

Anonymous visitor

Go to Brela Croatia as It's

Go to Brela Croatia as It's one of Croatia's best beaches with clnstalriye water lapping at coves that stretch for 6km. And the beaches are sandy! (the sand is more like gravel but it's easy on your feet)Each cove of Brela Beach is like a private hideaway, fringed by pine trees and invisible to any road and all but a few hotels. Even the town of Brela is a delight with its subtropical greenery and appealing mixture of old and new houses. Small wonder that Brela is a top sight and that Forbes magazine rated Brela Beach as the 6th best beach in the world and the best beach in Europe


I agree


hey banjalucanka, let's go

hey banjalucanka, let's go for a swim


naaaaaaH.... I would rather

naaaaaaH.... I would rather sunbake... to bronse Laughing out loud... we burn out here ai buddy


nice beach, banjalucanka,

nice beach, banjalucanka, but the one we are going now is much closer.


ye Buddy it sure is lolz...

ye Buddy it sure is lolz... but no other beach or no other sea compares to Adriatic Smiling


very nice beach

very nice beach


This is in Tucepi, small

This is in Tucepi, small place next to the Makarska, I have been on this beach


ye I've been there as well

ye I've been there as well ammm in 2006 I loved it... planning to go again this summer as well... can't wait!!! tnx jasmin Smiling


And where is this???? did

And where is this????
did you take it yourself???


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