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Osor - one of the oldest towns in Europe (4000 yrs. old), Cres Island
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The ethereal Pearl of the Adriatic, the Old Town Dubrovnik.

Most people come to our part of the world with one idea– to witness the ethereal Pearl of the Adriatic, the Old Town Dubrovnik. The King’s Landing, as you would popularly call it J

old town dubrovnik croatia

And it is mesmerizing! The Old Town Dubrovnik sits upon the footings of Srdj hill, some 400 m high, which you can reach via cable car, your car, rent-a-car or feet. The panoramas from the top of the hill are breath-taking, and not only of the City walls and Dubrovnik suburbia, but also of the Elaphite islands, even Italy on a nice day!

Built entirely of stone, Dubrovnik Old Town sits proudly underneath. Getting “the big picture” of its red rooftops and geometrical layout is a thrill, almost as much as inspecting its details from the Dubrovnik City Walls. Again – built entirely of stone (amazing!), they encircle the city nucleolus in full length of 2 kilometres and are open to visitors daily, always during day-time hours. The most important Dubrovnik attraction, with over 900.000 visitors per year, the City Walls are a promenade of great panoramas, historic insights and picture-perfect moments.

The interior of the Old Town is a grid of stone streets, stone stairs and amazing stone monuments. UNESCO heritage since 1979, it still retains much of its historic ambiance and décor. Entering from one of the two main gates – Pile or Ploče, you will stroll down Stradun, the main street, to see the main sights: the Franciscan Monastery with its 1317 Pharmacy, Onofrio’s Fountain, St. Blaize’s Church, Sponza Palace, Orlando’s column, Rector’s Palace, the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Old Town harbour. These places are best explored with a local guide, who can bring both a historic and contemporary dimension to the massive walls.

Entirely a pedestrian area, the Old Town is not a place where you would need a rent-a-car, or any other kind of accelerator but your own curiosity and good will. In fact, it’s best to drop these off in the public garage, some 10 minutes away from the Old Town and just stroll down the steps. While parking is available in the streets around the city nucleolus, during the peak season these areas are often packed, plus the aftertaste of your car parking is very very hot! Definitely incomparable to the coolness of the underground garage or the shady climate portrayed in King’s Landing Laughing out loud

And really, nobody drives there. Nor do they in the Old Town Dubrovnik! Drop off our rent-a-car somewhere nearby and just walk and enjoy <3

milenium car rental dubrovnik


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