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Terms & conditions

General information

Age Restrictions and Exceptions Driving licence:
A driver must hold a licence for at least two years.


Methods of Payment
MILENIUM CAR RENTAL as the exclusive partner of VISA IN CROATIA offers its clients 5% DISCOUNT when booking with VISA.
All major credit cards authorized by Milenium rent: VISA, , Eurocard/MasterCard.


Rental rates
The minimum rental charge is one day (24 hours). One additional hour (0-59 minutes) is free of charge. For more than one additional hour (60 minutes plus) an extra day is charged. Rates are exclusive of petrol. For cars not returned with a full tank the customer will be charged for petrol and service fee.


Can be confirmed only for a car groups, not for a specific type of car.
The reservation must be canceled 72 hours before rental, otherwise the cancellation fee shall apply (from 30% up to 100% of the rental).

Client accept all terms and conditions by finishing reservation procedure.
Credit card number is mandatory on booking form. Reservations without credit card number and exp date will not be accepted.

Booking form is secured with SSSL certificate.

Reservation can not be confirmed until you get our second confirmation e-mail on your web address. First e-mail is only copy of your request for booking.

In case we do not have credit cards details on reservation form, reservation will be canceled 72 hours before pick up time automaticly by our system.


Delivery / Collection Service
Round-the-clock delivery and collection of cars.
- Free delivery in other site in a 10 km circle from office during working hours, otherwise 12,20 EUR.

- After hour fee can apply on some rentals. Please be advised to contact us for details.


Rent-it-here, Leave-it-There (One Way Rental)
National one way rentals are available with no additional charge for all car groups for more than 7 days rental.
The cost of returning the vehicle abroad depends on the returning site of the vehicle (special conditions).


All rates and charges include rental, unlimited mileage, TP & CDW & 24 hours road assistance.
PDV 25% (VAT) is not included in the rate.

In the rate for motorcycles from 250cm3 till 2000cm3 helmets are not included in the rate.

There is no option to purchase full insurance (SCDW/LDW) for motorcycles or scooters.


Additional one way fee may aply for rentals shorter than 7 days.

Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice.

CROSS BORDER POLICY: for rentals   between 01/09-01/05, additional cross border fee may apply (from 30 up to 50€ per rental)






Compulsory insurance
All cars rented from Milenium rent include Third Party Liability Insurance.
Third Party Liability Insurance does not cover loss of, or damage to the rental vehicle - client is responsible for the full value of the vehicle. (subject to acceptance of the insurance options).


Optional insurance
When renting a vehicle from Milenium rent client is responsible for returning the vehicle in the same condition as at the beginning of rental, excluding normal wear, tear and cleanliness. If the vehicle is stolen, lost or damaged, regardless of fault, client will be absolute liable for costs and losses incurred to Milenium rent. This includes towing, recovery, repairs, storage and loss of revenue.
If client chooses CDW or/and TP limitation of liability (in such case "YES" will be entered in the relevant place in the Rental Agreement), liability shall be limited to an Excess Amount according to the Price list of Milenium rent and will be stated on the Rental Agreement (depending on car model).


CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) limitation of liability:
This limitation of liability shall apply to damage to the rental vehicle, it's parts and accessories caused in a road traffic accident. CDW limits clients financial responsibility to the Excess Amount stated on the Rental Agreement.
However CDW does not cover any damage to the interior of the rental vehicle, tyre and wheel damage, damage to the underside of the vehicle, broken or lost keys or contamination of fuel, neither in event of deliberate intention or negligence.


TP (Theft protection/Waiver) limitation of liability:
This limitation shall apply in the case of loss of the rental vehicle it's parts and accessories (including tires, stereo equipment etc.) as a result of theft or attempted theft. TP limits clients financial responsibility to the Excess Amount stated on the Rental Agreement.
TP is not valid if the vehicle is left unlocked or the keys are left unattended with the vehicle.


LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) or SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver):
By accepting LDW / SCDW clients financial responsibility for accidental damage to the vehicle, it's parts and accessories, theft or attempted theft is reduced to zero.
However LDW / SCDW does not cover any damage to the interior of the rental vehicle, tyre and wheel damage, damage to the underside of the vehicle, broken or lost keys or contamination of fuel, neither in event of deliberate intention or negligence.
Any damages to these vehicle parts will be charged to renters/drivers CC, regardless of fault, in full cost per official dealership price list at check in time.

The amount of EXCESS will be blocked on the credit card.



ROAD ASSISTANCE IN CROATIA is included in the basic rate for all bokings made on official MILENIUM CAR RENTAL site.

In case client has booking throgh car rental broker agency, extra charge for cross border can apply (30-50€ per rental).

Cross border is not allowed without informing Milenium car rental agent on pick up point.

In case damages on rented vehicle happened out of Croatia, and you did not request cross border permission from our agent, you can be charged for full amount of damage on rented vehicle. (valid only for car brokers reservations, Milenium clients have all documents for cross border included)





Police report is mandatory for each damage.


Upon return of vehicle, condition shall be checked by Milenium Car Rental representative together with Renter/Driver and compared with the condition at rental start as stated on the "Vehicle Condition Form".
All possible changes shall be entered into the form and confirmed by both parties signatures.
When failing to sign the "Vehicle Condition Form" and filling out the "Damage report" Renter/Driver accepts official dealership estimates on disputed damages.


Baggage insurance does not exist.
Any liability on the part of Milenium rent for loss or damage to items placed or left in the rental vehicle shall be excluded to them extent permitted by law.



In case Milenium car rental receive parking ticket after your rental from any parking company in Croatia, your credit card will be charged for the amount of parking ticket plus PDV.

Also, administration fee of 100.00kn plus PDV shall apply on your invoice for parking fee.

All invoices must be delivered on your e-mail on your request.


In the unlucky event of accident the most important advice is:
STAY CALM and try not to panic!
If anybody is injured, help them first and if needed call the ambulance
Call the car rental company.
Call also the police and make a report of the accident/damage.
Obtain as much information as possible about the other vehicle and driver, like name, registration number etc.
In case of mechanical breakdown contact the car rental company or the Road Assistance.


All cars rented from Milenium car rental are covered with:


HEAD OFFICEtel: +385 99 690 2125
cell +385 99 690 2125
DUBROVNIK AIRPORT OFFICEtel: +385 99 690 2125
cell: +385 99 690 2125



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