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No.1 Car rental company in Croatia


Dear clients

There are many rent a car companies in Croatia claiming to be the leading Croatian brand.

Milenium Car Rental is the company which, with its extensive experience and many satisfied clients, is proving to be the Number One in Croatia.

The company headquarters are in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, described as such by numerous tourists who come to spend their holidays in this part of Europe.

Dubrovnik is located at the very south of Croatia and with its location alone is an ideal place for tourists who wish to spend their holidays admiring natural beauties while driving Milenium cars.

Moreover, we have our offices in all major cities and airports like Split, Zadar, Zagreb and Pula. Should you wish to hire a car in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Montenegro, we can also offer our hire cars there.

The high quality, reasonable prices, as well as numberous return clients are a proof enough of our worth.

The match of high quality and reasonable prices guarantees Milenium Car Rental to be the best buy company in Croatia.



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Car rental is a form of

Car rental is a form of saving some bucks from the unnecessary expenses. Moreover there are so many new alternative are there who can make us to save some bucks in the form of energy like electric cars, hydrogen cars etc.
these are the tech-rich cars who can help us to save the energy use.


I have been looking for a

I have been looking for a better car rental company in Croatia. You have helped to know the complete details of most of the car rental companies in Croatia. Pest equipment I am very grateful to you for sharing such an informative post!


Car rental is very useful in

Car rental is very useful in times of having trouble with your car. Job well done for being the best car rental in Croatia!

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I have tried your service 3

I have tried your service 3 time never been disappointed to look to any other claiming to be the best.

Transportation is too expensive these days, i manage what i can by Compare Car Parking UK and live happy.


Milenium Car Rental a good

Milenium Car Rental a good company with a good experience in this field. Working in the fields like this where you have to deal with varying variety of customers need a lots of experience to give the best of your services and to satisfy the needs of customers.


Milenium Car rental is what

Milenium Car rental is what inspires some car rentals to keep on going to this kind of business. I can’t wait to visit their company as we travel in Croatia.


Really the best car rental

Clapping Really the best car rental company, with the best cars in the fleet, with the best people who work in it, they are ready to your every request, polite and culture! Believe that they are the best choice for you and you will enjoy the ride from one of the best cars in their driving parku.Big salute the entire team Milenium Car Rental! Clapping

Anonymous visitor

The Best In Europe. I wish

The Best In Europe. I wish that there is car rental like this in Australia. All I can say is that made my holidays more pleasurable, hassle free.
I shall take my business here again


Thank you for your comment.

Thank you for your comment. Please make registration on our site and join to our contest what will start in few day, maybe you will be lucky and win free car rental for your vacation in Croatia.
Best regards,

Anonymous visitor

Milienium Car Rental is the

Milienium Car Rental is the best in Croatia and i wish it comes in India also.

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Anonymous visitor

Thank you for your update

Thank you for your update Smiling

Regards from Croatia


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