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Kawasaki VN 900 Custom

The all-new VN900 Classic, already at dealers throughout the country, replaces the very popular middleweight VN800. Its cylinders share the 88mm bore and the 55-degree V-angle of the smaller machine, but stroke has been increased to 74,2mm to raise capacity from 805cc to 903cc, and improve mid-range and bottom-end grunt.
The liquid-cooled twin cylinder engine boasts huge fins for the traditional cruiser look, and electronic fuel injection controlled by dual throttle valves uses automotive style fine-atomising injectors to minimise fuel consumption and help eradicate the slightest hint of a flat spot anywhere in the rev range. The new crankshaft, like those in all Kawasaki V-twins, uses a single crankpin and a gear-driven balancer to iron out excessive vibration.
The latest engine also emulates its two-litre sibling, the VN2000, in utilising lightweight nut-less connecting rods to help in the tussle against uncomfortable high-frequency vibration, while leaving the characteristic V-twin pulses firmly in place. The external parts of the engine that aren’t chromed are all finished in black powder coating, giving the new bike the appearance of an expensive custom-built machine.
Kawasaki’s also done a marvellous job of improving every other aspect of this class-leading middleweight. The bike’s longer and lower than its predecessor, the VN800, and the seat height improves both styling and low-speed manoeuvrability. The 50mm longer wheelbase adds stability on the highway, while fork rake and trail have been altered to provide low-effort control around town. The triangle-shaped swing arm gives the appearance of a classic hardtail motorcycle, but a pre-load adjustable single shock absorber hidden beneath the seat negates the disadvantages that come with a stylish but impractical solid rear end. The five-speed transmission is equipped with Kawasaki’s exclusive Positive Neutral Finder, allowing the rider to engage neutral first time, every time he wants to.

The VN900 Classic, apart from sharing much of its technology, is also styled closely along the lines of the stunning VN2000 Kawasaki cruiser. The rear mudguard is as wide as that of its bigger stablemate at the seat, and tapers towards the rear in harmony with the styling of the very useful 18-litre fuel tank. Dual slash-cut exhausts emit that gorgeous signature V-twin engine note while cutting a dashing image when the bike’s parked on its side stand.

The Kawasaki delivers its power to the massive 180mm wide rear tyre via a belt final drive. This requires far less maintenance than a chain drive, and makes the motorcycle much easier to keep clean. It also offers a smoother ride, and is more efficient than a heavy shaft drive.

Anybody who knows anything about cruiser motorcycles knows that their wheels should have spokes, and lots of ‘em. The Kawasaki VN900’s chrome rims are attached to the polished alloy hubs by 48 wire spokes each. Unlike most of the opposition, which use drum brakes at the rear, the new cruiser comes with a 270mm back brake disc to complement the powerful new twin-piston calliper and 300mm disc at the front.

As dictated by popular cruiser culture, the bike also comes with floorboards rather than footpegs, a bucket front seat, and fuel tank mounted instrumentation. Traditional styling doesn’t lead to a compromise in terms of technology, however, and the speedometer binnacle includes a LCD odometer, a trip-meter, a fuel gauge, and a clock. There are also warning lights for fuel, oil pressure and water temperature.

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