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The ruins of Diocletian's Palace, built in the late 3rd century can be found in Split
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Zagreb 'the green capital' :)

June 11, 2008
Zagreb 'the green capital' :)
Average: 3.3 (28 votes)


well done Lisa

well done Lisa


Hi Lisa, I am just back from

Hi Lisa, I am just back from Zagreb, and in this time of year this place is not the same as it is in the summer....Do you have some photos of Croatia in winter time?
-- http://milenium-rent.hr


Nice photo,Lisa !!

Nice photo,Lisa !! Photo


Unfortunately, we can't do

Unfortunately, we can't do anything about it. It all depends on the rest of our candidates.
It seems that they would all like to win the prize. Santa Claus

HINT: The more excellent votes you collect with your photo it will be less vulnerable to bad marks of your voters. For example, if you have only one 5-star vote, and someone just gave you one 2-stars vote, the average would be 3,5. Upset
But if you have 20 5-stars votes, and someone just gave you 2-stars, the average will be 4,85. hihihihihi


Oh thanks!! it is just pity

Oh thanks!! it is just pity that the rate goes down each time!!! Smiling


Excellent photo, Lisa. I

Excellent photo, Lisa.
I must tell you that you have almost the best photos here....
-- http://milenium-rent.hr


This photo is just great!

This photo is just great! Good work, Lisa! Eye-wink


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